ComDispatch Ad Serving

ComDispatch Ad Server has been developed to assist both the advertisers and clients in achieving one common goal - a successful advertising campaign, with wide exposure and high conversion rates.

Through one common dashboard the clients and advertisers can view, modify and stop individual campaigns.  The campaigns can be monitored through complex statistical reporting.  The ComDispatch Ad server is an integral part of any online advertising exercise and will operate as a standalone serving environment or as part of a more complex, multi-platform environment.

Advanced targeting

The ComDispatch Ad Server delivery options ensures that even the most complicated Ad filtering reaches its intended audience first time, and every time.

Creative Ads all in one place

The ComDispatch Ad server allows the placement of creative ads in countless areas, designs and positions on your website.  ComDispatch offers an end-to-end solution for the online advertising space.  All your advertising & marketing needs can be achieved through the use of the ComDispatch Ad Network.  Through a combination of the Ad Server and Ad Network, advertising campaigns can be optimised and modified according to the individual need of the business or campaign. 

No longer do you need multiple companies to develop and run a single advertising campaign.  ComDispatch is happy to manage the design, the placement and serving of all your online advertising needs.

Complex reporting & tracking

A centralised reporting dashboard provides an instant and up to date information about your online campaign and its progress.  You have the ability to customise the interface and run performance reports and matrices, analysis campaign data and generate automated reports.

The ComDispatch Ad Server is a fundamental building block in the ComDispatch suite of products and can be seamlessly integrated with ComDispatch CMS , ComDispatch CRM , ComDispatch SMS ComDispatch CCMS, ComDispatch EDM & ComDispatch Ad Network .

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